A facilitator has a wide range of tasks to perform in order to ‘make things easier’ for people who participate in a facilitated discussion. No one is born an expert facilitator. It is important to work on facilitation skills that will help you become more effective as a facilitator, whether you are working with teams internally or externally. It’s probably needless to say, the best way to get better at facilitation is to practice, practice, practice!

NaITER – Facilitating Minds (National Institute for Training and Educational Research) has conducted a two-day Trainer’s Performance, Appraisal, and Appreciation program named “Collage 22” at Veli Govt. Youth Hostel on 21st and 22nd May, 2022. Nine facilitators from NaITER family presented sessions on different topics. These sessions were evaluated and graded by participants, Mentor’s Mentor and Master Trainers which eventually help every one of the facilitators to learn, correct, upskill and grow. Mr. Vishnu Prasad M V (Director, VaCCT) also presented as session on ‘dealing with change’.

It also turned out to be a different experience for those who attended the two-day camp. They were able to connect the topics with their day-to-day lives in many ways. Some of the sessions were able to initiate the thoughts in participants that lead to the answer to many of the questions that were within them. We are glad to hear from you that many facilitators have succeeded in making you laugh, happy, and think and thereby motivated you to undergo transformation.

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