Instructions: Please read each statement and select the response that best represents your typical behavior, attitude, or personality. Be honest with your answers and choose the option that resonates with you the most.

  1. In social situations, I am most likely to:
    a) Engage in lively conversations and enjoy being the center of attention.
    b) Listen attentively and observe others, preferring to contribute when necessary.
    c) Prefer smaller, intimate gatherings or time alone rather than large social events.
  2. When faced with a challenge or obstacle, I tend to:
    a) Confront it head-on and persist until I overcome it.
    b) Assess the situation and consider various strategies before taking action.
    c) Feel overwhelmed or anxious and may seek support from others.
  3. My approach to work and productivity can be described as:
    a) Ambitious and driven, often taking on multiple tasks simultaneously.
    b) Organized and methodical, prioritizing efficiency and attention to detail.
    c) Flexible and adaptable, preferring a relaxed and non-rigid approach.
  4. In decision-making, I am more likely to:
    a) Trust my instincts and make decisions based on gut feelings.
    b) Weigh the pros and cons, seeking logical and rational choices.
    c) Seek input and consensus from others before making a final decision.
  5. My response to unexpected changes or disruptions is usually:
    a) Embrace them as opportunities for growth and adapt quickly.
    b) Assess the situation calmly and adjust my plans accordingly.
    c) Feel uneasy or resistant, preferring stability and predictability.
  6. When working in a team, I tend to:
    a) Take charge and provide clear direction, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently.
    b) Collaborate and contribute my expertise while considering the perspectives of others.
    c) Prefer a more supportive role, helping to maintain harmony within the team.
  7. When it comes to personal goals, I am motivated by:
    a) Achieving recognition and reaching ambitious milestones.
    b) Continuously learning and improving myself in specific areas of interest.
    c) Finding contentment and balance in life, focusing on personal well-being.
  8. I handle criticism or feedback by:
    a) Taking it constructively and using it as motivation to improve.
    b) Analyzing it objectively and considering if it is valid before making changes.
    c) Feeling sensitive and may take it personally, requiring reassurance or time to process.

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