Learning can be frustrating. Maybe you feel bored, or maybe you get discouraged if you don’t understand a new topic. If you’re still in school, there are lots of things you can do to make learning more enjoyable. Preparing for an exam can be stressful and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to stress out or cram. By doing a couple of simple things ahead of time, you can ensure that you are confident and ready for anything that comes up on the test.

1. Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class.

2. Read through the entirety of your notes that will be on the exam. It will refresh your memory of the material and help you remember what you learned.

3. Get some good notes. If you’re not a good note taker, or if there are “holes” in your notes, then ask a friend if you can copy his or her notes. Good notes can make all the difference when you’re studying.

4. Ask your teacher about the test material. One of the easiest ways to begin your studying process is to find out what is on the test directly from your teacher.

5. Re-read your notes. This time re-read your notes for understanding. In other words, you are going to study your notes. Start with the most basic information.

6. Take notes while you study. Yes, take even more notes. You can highlight and underline the information as well, but writing the information down really helps you retain it better.

7. Review your syllabus. The syllabus is an outline of everything that you should have learned over the course of the class. It’s a good place to start to understand major ideas and topics that you should be learning from the class.

8. Write down the major topics and themes that you pulled out of the syllabus. Then, go through your notes to see if you have any notes at all on those topics.

9. Make flash cards. After you have taken notes from studying all of your materials including the book and your notes, use that information to make flash cards.

10. Quiz yourself. Once everything is written down on flashcards, quiz yourself with the cards. Keep reviewing the questions that you get wrong until you get them right.

11. Do practice questions. This is especially helpful for subjects such as math. Practice doing the questions in the book that you were assigned for homework.

12. On the day of the exam, set your alarm at least two hours before the test. Scientists believe that a good night’s rest is the key to better test scores.

13. Determine the format. Reviewing past tests can help you understand the format of the test and whether it will be multiple choice, short answer or essay. It also gives you more ideas about how to study.

14. Study with a friend. Get together with a friend or group of people from your class and study together. It doesn’t have to be a formal study group.

15. Quiz each other. Ask each other potential exam questions. Use your flashcards to quiz each other, or ask your friend to make up new questions that you didn’t think about.

Happy to interact with students from Govt. Muslim High School Nadayara on “Happy Learning“. Special Thanks to Mrs. Mini Sasidaran for the wonderful opportunity.

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