First of all, we have to understand the term personality. The word itself roots from the Latin word persona, which refers to a theoretical mask worn by a performer to play their role ( means to present their projects) or disguise their identity.

When we go through an interview in any field, personality is the first thing noticed while facing an interview. A good personality is essential to go ahead. Personality Development teaches us how to communicate, how to present as having to show kind skills. It also focuses the personal management, grooming, health, and nutrition along with soft skills. The evaluating factors of personality are extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness to experience, and conscientiousness.

This Personality Development Program covers various dimensions and importance of a person’s compelling personality. It helps to improve and learn to understand personality traits. And also help in establishing a vital contribution to the world of business. This Program gives awareness to students about the various dynamics of personality development. We can say personality Development is overall psychological development. So it is an important aspect which both directly and indirectly affects the growth of an economy. Based on the development of human needs from psychological courses opens up a wide variety of opportunities for students to post its completion, who have garnered the skills and subject with expertise.


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  • Chapter 01: Visualization
  • Chapter 02: Success Diary
  • Chapter 03: To Do List
  • Chapter 04: Gratitude Diary
  • Chapter 05: Vlogging
  • Chapter 06: Language
  • Chapter 07: Posture
  • Chapter 08: Reward
  • Chapter 09: Fear
  • Chapter 10: Appearance
  • Chapter 11: Love Letter
  • Chapter 12: Goal Setting
  • Chapter 13: +/- Analysis
  • Chapter 14: Optimal Day
  • Chapter 15: 80th Birthday
  • Chapter 16: Saying No
  • Chapter 17: First Impression
  • Chapter 18: Your Choice
  • Chapter 19: Happy Memories
  • Chapter 20: Modeling
  • Chapter 21: Be a Leader