Body Language in Interviews

Being interviewed by one person could be a piece of cake for many. But being interviewed by a group could be a confusing ordeal, especially when it comes to whom you should look at during the interview.

It is important to maintain eye contact with all the interviewers to an equal extent. By looking uniformly at them, you will establish their trust and you will gain composure throughout the interview process.

When one of the interview partners asks or says something, maintain eye contact with him until he ceases speaking. This will indicate that you’re listening attentively. While he is speaking, he may also look at the other interviewers. When he looks at you again, you can nod your head to encourage him to continue speaking.

When you answer a question, look first at the one who asked. But while you are answering, you should take turns looking at each of the other interviewers as well. You should direct yourself again to the person who asked the question when you want to prove a point, when you want to emphasize something, and when you are done answering.

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